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Maple Grove Primary Schooln/a

Battle Ground, WA | Clark County

March 3, 2013

Maple Grove Primary and Middle Schools were combined this year and are now in the first year of being Maple Grove K-8. It has been a challenge, but the staff and new administration have worked very hard to make this transition a positive experience. The school has an excellent and caring teaching staff, the office staff are always helpful, and the administrators make themselves available to parents. My children thrived throughout their time at Maple Grove Primary and Maple Grove Middle Schools and continue to thrive at Maple Grove K-8. While parent involvement could be better, I am sure that this will be an upward trend.

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March 14, 2012

These past reviews were all written before Tukes Valley school was built and many of the Maple Grove students moved there. I chose Maple Grove when I was looking for a house because of these reviews, and at one time I am sure it was a good school. Now however, it is currently going through a restruction phase and is a Title 1 school. That in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing and could be looked at as a wonderful opportunity for parents and community to get involved and make a better school. However, being a member of the PTA board (planning to resign after this school year) I can say that the PTA itself is extremely clique-ish and have come right out and told people their help is not wanted. The current primary principal is very difficult to work with and does not like to consider any kind of changes. My experience with the teachers up to this point has been good. However they focus all class time on trying to prepare kids to pass the MSP tests, so all the DAILY work comes home as homework and even the kindergarteners have a packet that they work on each evening. The communication between staff and parents is good. Also the non English speaking student number is near 20%

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June 11, 2006

My son attended Maple Grove last year in the Title 1 preschool and I thought he had a lot of fun, Thresa and her helpers Debbie and Tina have alot going on in the classroom, but they never seem to forget anyone. Parents are invited to drop in anytime for a visit or chat or to watch. For all the holidays she has nice parties and snacks for the kids and different activities for the kids to do that she invites the parents in to halp with.

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January 14, 2006

lots of parent involvement.pta awesome, onthe the ball with everything. little disappointed with the academic programs, doesnt offer that many. kids love the music and art programs, little bit of a selection with extra curricular activities. over all i like the school, the staff is outgoing knows everyones name, treats you like family. good enviroment. but could use some help in some areas.

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April 26, 2004

My daughter is autistic and has transfered to Maple Grove from another great Battle Ground school. I am so impressed with every aspect of the school and daycare. There are so many wonderful teachers, aides, the entire staff. I wish I could list everyone and go into detail of how great they really are. They are very interested in making sure your child succeeds to the best of their ability. I am so thrilled with everyone and the way they truely care. I couldn't ask for a better place for my daughter to learn to be the best she can be. 5 stars!

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May 28, 2003

My 3rd grader transferred to Maple Grove in 2nd grade. At the time she was reading at a kindergarten level, and had transferred from a National Blue Ribbon School that had done little to help her despite my requests. Maple Grove put her in a special reading class immediately and brought her up to grade level in less than a month. On her last Iowa Basic Skills test in 3rd grade she scored in the 93% overall in reading and scored above average in math as well. She has plans to go to college and wants to be President someday. Sometimes just looking at the numbers does not give you an overall picture of the true achievements of a school. Maple Grove Primary is a gem in my eyes and helped my daughter succeed before she gave up on herself.

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